Spider Jump

This Spider Jump Bungee is great for kids ages 5 and up. This Spider Jump Bungee features up to 4 bungee riders at a time along with 2 attendants to supervise the riders. Strap into the harness suit and take off into the air. This might be the only time some riders ever feel the thrill of leaping in the air beyond their abilities and doing countless flips while in a safe and supervised environment. Every rider must have waver signed by parent or guardian 18 years or older, No exceptions.

- weight range per rider minimum of 30lbs, max 220lbs

- space required 35ft L x 35ft W x 25ft H.

- power required 4 x 15amp plugs

- fencing is included

- lighting included for evening or night events
- price includes 2 operators

$2,200 for 6 hours

Price : $2,200

Stunt Jump

Featuring a 20' platform and a 12' platform and ZeroShock airbags, the Stunt Jump is a high energy ride that will thrill and excite. Experience freefall and perform falls made for the big screen.

Space Required 35' X 65'

Price includes 3 Operators
Lighting Included for evening or night rentals

Requires 3 x 15Amp plugs

$3,500 for 6 hours

Price : $3,500.00

Gyro Extreme

Up to two riders try to see if they can survive 60 seconds spinning and rotating in every direction at once.

NASA used to use the same technology to train astronauts.

- power required 1 x 15amp plugs

$1,800 for 6 hours

Price Includes one operator

Price : $1800.00

Tiki Island Rock Wall

Reminiscent of the famous Easter Island sculptures, the tribal spirit has been captured with this 25ft climbing wall. This wall features actual climb holds that are only found on hard-surfaced climbing walls. Auto belay safety devices, 50 to 250 pounds per participant.
30' L x 25' W x 25' H

(2) 110-volt 20 amp circuits

2 Climbers at a time!

Price includes operator.

$1,200 for 6 hours

Price : $1,200.00


Our 8 player Meltdown game features a huge 30' wide Inflatable mattress and 2 swinging arms for a real challenge for kids and adults of all ages. The rental price includes an operator to control the swinging arms and we control the speed based on the players.

This interactive game is perfect for school carnivals, company parties, team building and competitive events.

- space required 35ft L x 35ft W x 12ft H

- power required 2 x 15amp plugs

$1,800 for 6 hours

Price Includes one operator

Price : $1,800.00

Outdoor Movie Events

Parks and Recs, School Movie Nights, Birthday parties, reunions, live TV events, barbecues, big games-there are plenty of occasions where an outdoor movie screen rental can make your event special. Our Outdoor Movies provides inflatable movie screens for every size event, our 20ft tall 30ft wide inflatable screen is perfect for a party of friends, each of our exclusive screen rentals includes a professional sound system, premiere quality projector system, top quality AV electronics, a specialized event crew. All you do is provide the DVD or Blue ray.

Prices starting at $750

Need a Smaller Screen?

Our Smaller 12ft tall x 15ft wide screen is great for those back yard parties of 100 of less. Includes Projector, Blu-ray player, and top of the line audio.

Smaller Screen Price $350

Price : $750.00